It's hard to believe, our baby turned five.
She's getting BIG.

Ironically, we started her birthday off going to see the movie, BIg.
Marti saw that it was showing at the Senator Theater at 10am, March 29th.
Who doesn't want to start their birthday off with Tom Hanks and popcorn?

We had all watched this classic before, a countless amount of times, 
but there was something special about seeing it, in Baltimore's historical theater.

I'm pretty sure this is Lylas favorite scene: 

After the movie, Lyla got to open her present.
 If you know Lyla, you know she loves American Girl.
Every year, a 'Girl of the Year' is released. This year, she is a dancer.
Lyla has asked for her nearly every day in 2014. She opened her up on her birthday.

Meet Isabelle Palmer:

After gifts she had a Hip Hop class. Her birthday doesn't stop her.
Hip Hop and you don't Stop.

I said a hip hop,
Hippie to the hippie,
The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it
To the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie,
To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.

{If you were growing up anytime in the 80's, you just rapped that}

And of course, we headed to Red Robin for dinner.
She was spoiled with more presents, we enjoyed our food and  shared some good laughs.

Before heading home, we stopped by Toys R Us. Lyla had a gift card and was ready to shop.
After seeing how much fun Josh and Billy had with their walkie talkies in BIG, 
she decided she wanted a set for herself!

{Good Night Mrs. Baskin!}

Lyla had a very special day. 
She is a very special girl.

Happy 5th Birthday Lyla Grace!


Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentines Day....
Yes, I realize I have not posted in months! 
I have no excuse.

Between the three of use we have traveled, worked, shopped, celebrated, shoveled, been sick, bought a dog, cleaned floors (again, and again), danced, twirled and flipped, read, watched Frozen (again, and again, and again), had play dates, had special dates ( 7 years), dealt with seasonal depression, spent hours on Lego sets, (I've) continued to failed at cooking (can't wait for the grill to be fired up this Spring), shoveled some more,  got a flat tire, lifted weights, had our dog banned from Petco, and of course, taken pictures!

 Below is a glimpse of what life has looked like for us.

{This Cruise was on the NCL Pearl}

Of course we enjoyed other Fall goodies like Thanksgiving, I tried my father-in-laws sauerkraut and LOVED it (to my suprise).
We also enjoyed warm soups, friends and visiting Santa.

This month was filled with the usual. Gift giving, cookie baking, late night wrapping, Church, an anniversary,  family and friends.


We partied right into the New Year! Spent time with friends, cheered on the Perry Hall Gators, and took a lot of naps on those cold yucky days. Eric ordered new outdoor furniture, and dreams about laying on it in 80 degree weather.


February was filled with puppy troubles. We have a rotten little egg on our hands. We've been scolded at the vets and kicked out of Petco. We still love our little Lady.

This month we werent feeling our best. We had a little scare that strep could have canceled our Disney trip, but we (overdosed on meds) lucked out!

Walt Disney World


Of course March is filled with all of our birthday, so we celebrate a little each week! Lyla earned another gymnastics medal this week, and I think we have watched Frozen 9 times now. We sing all of the songs from Frozen on a daily basis. Including Eric.

We hope you enjoyed catching up!